Exclusive series cartridges on the road again

ortofon exclusive series cartridge tour

Ortofon Exclusive Series cartridges on tour

Henley Audio are delighted to announce they are once-more taking the Ortofon cartridge range on tour across the UK. First starting in 2017, these popular events have been the ideal opportunity for vinyl fans to narrow down the right cartridge for their system – but for the 2024 tour there is something more special and unique on offer.

The Exclusive Series Experience Tour will bring together, for the first time in the UK, a series of events that will allow visitors to directly experience the full Exclusive Series stereo cartridge range. Consisting of the MC Windfeld Ti (£4,399), Xpression (£4,650.00), MC Verismo (£5,749) and MC Diamond (£7,349), Ortofon’s Exclusive Series boasts some of the finest and most impressive moving coil cartridges available anywhere in the world.

During the events, visitors will learn more about Ortofon – the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of phono pick-up cartridges – and the advanced technologies that go into making an Exclusive Series cartridge. This will all be delivered through an engaging presentation that allows the cartridge to communicate their strengths through the music they produce, and after the main presentation there will also be an opportunity to talk with analogue experts about specific questions you may have.

The Exclusive Series Experience Tour is open to all, but we recommend registering your interest with your preferred venue, to guarantee you do not miss any of the presentation. The audio system for each event will be chosen specially by the host retailer, but all will feature a Henley Audio analogue front-end, typically consisting of the E.A.T. Forte S turntable and an Ortofon ST-80 SE step-up transformer.

Exclusive series experience tour

Friday April 5th: Doug Brady HiFi (Warrington)
Friday April 19th: Home Media (Maidstone)
Friday April 25th (PM): Yorkshire AV (Whitley (near Goole))
Saturday April 26th: Yorkshire AV (Whitley (near Goole))
Friday June 14th: Martins Hi-Fi (Norwich)
Further dates will be added throughout the rest of 2024.
Visit Henley Audio for more information.

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