Exposure 3010s2 Reference Phonostage


Exposure has launched a new phono stage with plug in modules for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. Each being configurable to suit the cartridge being used, in the case of the MC board you can alter both sensitivity (gain) and loading, with the MM board the loading is set at the traditional 47kOhm but gain is variable. Changing gain or loading requires the movement of jumper links which avoids the potential degradation of switches. The RIAA equalisation and gain stages are fully discrete and based on those found in the range topping MCX series. Attention has also been paid to power supply refinement with dual regulation for each rail through a combination of IC regulators and hybrid regulators on the phono board itself. The case is aluminium yet the unit weighs 7kg (3.2 lbs). Price is £900 with either MM or MC boards while a separate board of either flavour is £220.

Exposure 3010s2 phonostage

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