Ferguson Hill after a Kickstart


British horn speaker specialists Ferguson Hill have launched a Kickstarter project to support their new Clear system. They aim to develop a unique clear speaker system that has full digital and wireless connectivity that looks great and sounds fantastic. Their speaker system will, allegedly, give great sound for your TV and give you the full home theatre experience. Just as important, this system will be your main hi-fi and will sound great with all genres of music. 
FH have already designed some great sounding and looking clear speakers, and now need to take things one stage further and include full digital and wireless connectivity to make a great sounding and fully functional speaker system.  All three systems come with the fully specified integrated amplifier so that at any time the Primary system can be upgraded by adding an extra bass sphere to the Deluxe system, or by adding 2 extra horn speakers that come with stands and wall mounts, for the full Deluxe surround sound system. All systems come with wall mounts and stands for the horn speakers so you can choose your preferred set-up.

There are 3 versions of the system and the prices range from:

Primary system / £ 650 on Kickstarter / £ 895 retail
Deluxe system / £ 795 on Kickstarter / £ 1,125 retail
Deluxe surround system / £ 995 on Kickstarter / £ 1,395 retail.

The Kickstarter prices include vat and delivery to USA, Canada, Europe and China. If you pledge for one of the systems on Kickstarter you will get it for a third off the retail price when the product goes to market.


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