A fistful of speakers


The Asgard wireless, streaming and multi-room speakers (Odin & Freya) from Clint Digital, have won an iF Design Award 2015 for outstanding design. The wi-fi versions of each model support hi-res DLNA streaming (24bit/192kHz), Spotify Connect, Airplay, and internet radio as well having an aux-in “for the old boys” (that’s those of us who put quality before looks – Ed). Several Asgard speakers can be controlled independently or together in a multi-room setup using the Clint Asgard App. All models (including the Bluetooth Freya) can be stereo paired and connecting them to your network “couldn’t be easier” with push-button wi-fi setup (WPS), wi-fi sharing with iOS devices or by using the App. There is even a wi-fi Music Direct feature on wi-fi models to allow streaming direct to the speaker when you are out and about and there are no wi-fi Networks available.

Clint Freya
Freya is a small and propitious Nordic goddess, known for love, beauty and wealth to name a few – but her favorite is music! Freya is a Bluetooth and wi-fi  speaker that “fits perfectly” in any room – office or bedroom and is easy to move around being light weight and small in size. Taking quality music with you from room to room, outdoors in the garden or even on holiday has never been easier.
Freya stands at just over 20 cm tall, weighs in under a kilo and packs a punch with up to 6 hours playback from the built-in battery. Prices per speaker: Freya (Bluetooth) £143.95, Freya (WiFi) £189.95.

Clint Odin (above)
Odin is the ruler of Asgard™ – home of the gods – and the father of Thor. He is the most powerful god – but with a soft touch. This powerful flagship wi-fi stereo speaker offers “audiophile performance with rich, deep bass”. With a full wooden cabinet housed in a metal exterior, Odin is perfectly suited for the living room with “astonishing sound at any volume”. The shape is specifically designed for placement on the floor in a corner of a large room, where the sound can reflect off the walls and “fill the entire room”. Each Odin is priced at £319.95 and both models are distributed in the UK by Sygnifi Ltd.


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