Focal’s flaxen Arias


Focal’s new Aria 900 range combines flax membranes, new TNF tweeters, minimalist style cabinets and “perfectly phase optimized” crossovers. The range is similar in breadth to that of the Chorus 800 V for stereo and home cinema, with one exception: the model 948, which marks a return to the original “generous” loudspeaker with two 21cm (8inch) bass drivers.
Some 18 years after Focal introduced its ‘W’ sandwich cones (glass-glass sandwich), it is launching its ‘F’ (for flax) sandwich cones, the result of more than five years’ work towards achieving more affordable sandwich structures. The use of an eco-textile like flax, together with composites technologies, brings an innovative solution to sandwich construction: a piece of “very high quality” flax is placed between two very thin glass fibre sheets. The manufacturing process can be mechanised and automated in order to reduce costs.
The Aria 900 range’s transducers also incorporate a new injected Zamak basket providing “maximum rear decompression” and Klippel optimised motor systems providing them with “ideal” magnetic field distribution to ensure linearity, acceleration and control. The new TNF tweeter has an aluminium/magnesium alloy inverted dome, for low mass, stiffness and “ideal” propagation speed. This gives it “outstanding” acceleration over a wide bandwidth with low colouration. The lightweight dome is supported on Poron suspension (for linearity) developed from the Utopia tweeter. The tweeter has a front plate waveguide to ensure “ideal” horizontal directivity with low diffraction.

aria 936 black V aria 926 906 V

Above left: Aria 936, right: Aria 926 floorstander and 906 standmount

Aria 900 series cabinets are constructed from a combination of 18 and 24mm controlled density HDF (High Density Fibreboard) with non-parallel sides and bracing at strategic points. Floorstanding cabinets have cast aluminium plinths both to improve their floor coupling and to optimise the air flow from the downward firing vent. The floorstanding speakers incorporate two vents in PowerFlow configuration for a 50% air movement speed reduction in order to minimise dynamic compression. The midrange and treble sections have their own sealed enclosures with non-parallel walls to minimise internal standing waves. Aria 900 cabinets are available in walnut or black high gloss with a glass top and leather finished front highlighted with brushed gunmetal trim rings.

Aria 906 Walnut    £760
Aria 906 Black High Gloss    £900
Aria 926 Walnut    £1800
Aria 926 Black High Gloss2    £2000
Aria 936 Walnut    £2200
Aria 936 Black High Gloss    £2500
Aria 948 Walnut    £2600
Aria 948 Black High Gloss    £3100
Aria CC 900 Walnut    £500
Aria CC 900 Black High Gloss    £550



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