Furutech/ADL GT40 goes alpha


Furutech/ADL GT40 goes alpha
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

As more and more music lovers incorporate computers into their listening systems, demand grows for greater system flexibility and improved digital sound quality. Tokyo-based Furutech’s Alpha design Labs (ADL) responded to that need with the release of the GT40. Combining USB DAC with A/D converter, MC and MM phono stage and headphone amp, this handy little gadget was hailed as the audiophile’s Swiss army knife and garnered itself a range of awards.

Now comes its successor, the GT40α (alpha), which can record and playback at a bit depth/sampling frequency of 24 bit/192 kHz - a doubling of the original GT40’s 96 kHz rate. The case design has also been subtly tweaked, including the addition of a discrete red ‘clipping’ light that warns of digital recording overload – a source of unpleasant distortion. Used in combination with the new three-position recording attenuation switch, it should make archiving your vinyl a breeze.
The ADL GT40α is available now priced at £395.