Fyne Vintage Fifteen goes large

Fyne Vintage Fifteen

Fyne Vintage Fifteen retro modern from Scotland

Scotland’s finest launch the Fyne Vintage Fifteen and compact Vintage Five, top and tailing this signature line-up. With all-new IsoFlare drivers in 15in (380mm) and 5in (125mm), the mighty Vintage Fifteen and compact Vintage Five are available from March/April, priced around £30,000 and £3,750 per pair respectively.

Impressively bold and unashamedly traditional, the new Fyne Vintage models encapsulate every part of Dr Paul Mills’ ‘no compromise’ execution of retro style meets modern engineering. Boasting the latest Fyne Audio IsoFlare drivers with FyneFlute surround, the design marries a multi-fibre cone bass unit with a compression tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet system. Deep cryogenically treated crossovers, the highest quality cabling and premium BassTrax port diffuser implementation offer the finest audio performance.

Fyne Vintage Fifteen

Built in the UK with timeless style, the Vintage plywood cabinets are hand finished in oiled walnut veneers, set with unique burr walnut inlays and finished with gold anodised metalwork throughout. The Vintage Fifteen and Vintage Five bring the Vintage range up to four models strong.

Vintage Fifteen

The new flagship Vintage Fifteen hosts Fyne’s most ambitious and dynamic IsoFlare driver to date. This point source transducer system pushes the boundaries of audio engineering by employing a 15” (380mm) multi-fibre cone mid/bass driver with Fyne’s premium 75mm titanium dome, neodymium motor compression tweeter.

The twin-cavity enclosure is mathematically contoured to reduce standing waves and ported downwards onto Fyne’s largest BassTrax LF diffuser system to date. This creates uniform 360-degree bass energy dispersion into the room, reducing room-position sensitivity and allowing the 15” driver to move the largest volume of air without port turbulence.

The style of each 93kg loudspeaker is thoughtfully crafted with a number of luxury design touches from the analogue dial presence and energy controls for personal room tuning, to the retro-texture grill material and natural walnut patterns unique to every loudspeaker. With 97dB/W sensitivity, 800W peak power handling and bass down to 22Hz, the Vintage Fifteen is a full range, point source loudspeaker designed to deliver the dynamics, articulation and power of live music.

Fyne Vintage Five

Vintage Five

Since the 2022 launch of Vintage Ten and Twelve floorstanding models, Fyne Audio customers have been asking for a smaller bookshelf model with all the style and engineering of the larger floorstanders. The Vintage Five’s new IsoFlare driver is Fyne’s smallest to date, creating as many engineering challenges as its 15” brother. It combines a 5” (125mm) multifibre cone mid/bass driver with FyneFlute surround and a 19mm magnesium dome HF compression driver with neodymium motor system. The HF unit is set into a unique waveguide that uses computer optimised geometry to provide a flat frequency response and seamless expansion of the wavefront.

The whole IsoFlare driver is built into a cast aluminium chassis to minimise vibration colouration and incorporates Fyne’s flux focusing magnet to increase bass sensitivity of the small surface area mid/bass section. The Vintage Five has its own hand-build, deep cryogenically treated crossover, Van den Hul matched crystal silver plated OFC internal wiring and integrated presence control dial for fine room integration.

Despite its compact size, the Vintage Five cabinet is crafted from birch ply and hand finished in oiled walnut veneer and burr walnut inlays. Details include anodised gold trim, a leather grille tab and a micro-sized implementation of Fyne BassTrax LF diffuser technology to deliver seamless bass and easy room positioning.

Both the Vintage Fifteen and Vintage Five are in production at Fyne’s Glasgow, UK factory and will be available through Fyne Audio dealers around the world from March/April 2023. Vintage Fifteen: SRP £29,999.99 pair, Vintage Five: SRP £3,749.99 pair.

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