Gold Note DS-10 Plus with line-in


Gold Note have announced the all-in-one DS-10 Plus streamer, DAC and preamplifier. The DS-10 Plus adds an analogue input to the acclaimed DS-10 Classic that Chris Kelly got on so well with earlier in the year. The DS-10 Plus features a new generation D/A converter, UPnP-DLNA streamer, line preamplifier and headphone amplifier and adds a 3.5mm jack analogue input making it “the most complete audio source on the market”. With the DS-10 Plus it is now possible to connect the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage or any other analogue source using it as a pure preamplifier. DS-10 Plus is a real multitool product designed to sit at the centre of any high-end audio system offering the purity of the premium Gold Note audio performance enclosed in a compact box exuding the Italian sense of “bellezza”.

Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 and a dedicated Gold Note control app for the streamer. The DS-10 Plus has five digital inputs, XLR and RCA outputs and option to upgrade with a separate power supply. The suggested retail price is €2,890.

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