Gold Note Vasari Shibata MM cartridge

Gold Note Vasari Shibata

Gold Note mine the Vasari Shibata groove

Gold Note are happy to announce the release of a new member of the Vasari cartridges family, the Vasari Shibata. Designed, as the name suggests, by Mr Shibata in the 70s, this MM cartridge features a peculiar shape of the stylus, which is basically an evolution of the elliptical shape with extra special cuts on one end creating a hybrid asymmetrical shape.

Gold Note Vasari Shibata profile

The new Gold Note Vasari Shibata, thanks to its special stylus, allows an increase of the total contact surface area with a significant reduction of total pressure into the vinyl groove. The result is that the Vasari Shibata can produce a nearly perfect playback reaching all areas of the vinyl groove but reducing the wear of both the record and the diamond. An outstanding value-for-money cartridge for MM lovers, available at €690.

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