Goldmund back in the UK


London based dealer Sonata has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for Goldmund, the Swiss luxury audio manufacturer and former turntable specialist. Goldmund has taken 35 years of technological expertise and adapted it to launch a completely new range of wireless speakers, offering everything from a compact desktop system through design conscious lifestyle models up to the iconic limited edition Apologue Anniversary (including the Prologo shown above).
Every speaker has been engineered to include all the technological developments made by the Goldmund research team. This includes the implementation of their Proteus speaker modelling programme and Leonardo2 technology to create speakers that are perfectly aligned for amplitude, phase and time within very powerful DSP filters.

Internal amplification using the very latest version of the acclaimed Telos circuit, Alize D to A conversion, mechanical grounding and aluminium construction are also included in each product. All Goldmund speakers can either play music directly from a computer using the Goldmund USB dongle or from other sources connected to a Goldmund ‘hub’ such as the Mimesis 11 preamplifier or Talisman wireless hub. As a result of these shared technologies, the Goldmund range of speakers has an extremely consistent musical voice and quality. The only things that improve as you go up the range are the low frequency extension and maximum possible sound pressure levels.

Sonata is delighted to have been specifically chosen by Goldmund to represent their unique products in the UK and has recently exhibited the Prologos wireless speakers at this years’ London Design Festival. UK Prices range from £5,000 to £400,000

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