Goldmund Mimesis Reference preamplifier defies convention

Goldmund Unveils Mimesis Reference preamplifier

Goldmund Mimesis Reference preamplifier

In the realm where technology’s artistry breathes life into music records, we unveil the Mimesis Reference analogue preamplifier. A masterstroke of innovation, this masterpiece is poised to redefine the boundaries of sonic clarity and purity. Driven by Class A output stage drivers, this preamplifier is a maestro of minimalism, employed to guarantee the lowest total harmonic distortion (THD) and intermodulation distortion (IMD). The result? A harmonious soundscape that resonates with authenticity and captures the very essence of the music.

The Mimesis Reference defies convention with its mastery over ultra-low transient intermodulation distortion (TIM). Every delicate transition, every crescendo, is imbued with a purity that embraces the essence of true fidelity. A complete redesign of the power supply has been implemented, utilizing separate analogue and digital circuits. Custom audio-grade transformers are employed to drive each section of the preamplifier, empowering each facet of the preamplifier. Each side (left & right) of the preamplifier has its dedicated power supply, enhancing channel separation.

Goldmund Unveils Mimesis Reference preamplifier

While the heart of its audio processing remains purely analogue—encompassing the preamplifier function, filters, volume, and inputs and outputs—the preamplifier’s interface is digitally mastered. This includes the handling of the remote control, front panel buttons, screen display, and channel selection, ensuring a blend of analogue sound with modern control.

An additional separate power supply is dedicated to driving the digital section of the preamplifier. The heat sink has been crafted in-house to maximize the utilization of available surface area and efficiently dissipate heat from the power supplies. The power supply units feature customized Goldmund brand components, including oxygen-free gold, guaranteeing an extraordinarily stable sonic power supply for the audio drivers.

Heat dissipation has been enhanced with a meticulously crafted heat sink, created using CNC machining techniques, is implemented. Extensive work has been conducted on the audio board of the preamplifier section. A new shielding design, which also serves as a heat sink, has been implemented.

Each low noise op-amp on the audio board is equipped with a custom heat sink. The heat sink is precision machined from a single piece of aluminium, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency by establishing direct mechanical contact between each Op-amp and the dissipator. This configuration provides the best available cooling capability for the audio circuitry.

Goldmund Unveils Mimesis Reference preamplifier

Commencing from 2023, our new preamplifier model embraces a visionary new design language. A ‘no-screw-design’ graces the top panel, an ode to aesthetic harmony. The Side Panels draw inspiration from the new active speaker range, exemplifying a seamless blend of elegance and function. In a bold move, the mechanical enclosure undergoes metamorphosis, embracing a heightened panel structure for unrivalled durability. With parts now 12mm thick, our precision mechanics shine through, bearing testimony to the exceptional quality that defines our craft.

Apart from its outstanding performance, the Mimesis reference analogue preamplifier doubles as an elegant jewellery box. It comes in Goldmund’s classic silver grey or matte black, lending a touch of sophistication to any audio arrangement. Moreover, buyers can customize their Mimesis Reference by choosing between two options for the top left front ring: gold or a finish that matches the box, ensuring a seamless integration of the preamplifier into any aesthetic preference. Please contact your local dealer to inquire about the availability of finishes and to obtain information on lead times.

The Goldmund Mimesis Reference Analogue Preamplifier, an opus of auditory and aesthetic elegance, beckons you to embrace sound in its purest, most captivating form. Welcome to a realm where innovation dances with tradition, and music finds its eternal home. Suggested Retail Price: 125.000 CHF (excl. VAT) $142,000/£113,000.

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