Goldring Eroica HX high output MC


Goldring has introduced the latest member of its moving coil (MC) cartridge family. the Eroica HX. Joining the LX model in the Eroica range this high output, high-performance cartridge eases the upgrade from a moving magnet cartridge to a moving coil by virtue of not requiring an MC phono stage.

Key features
New, pure-iron cross-armature design for low crosstalk and reduced effective mass.
Ultra-fine, enamelled-copper windings for higher output and correct impedance matching.
Equipped with Gyger II diamond stylus that traces frequencies as high as 50kHz without distortion.
Housing made from lightweight Pocan composite material, chosen for its anti-colouration properties.

Eroica HX has output sufficient to work with moving magnet phono inputs without compromising the low crosstalk that moving coil designs are prized for. And by using a new pure-iron cross-armature, the copper windings have a permeable path for the parallel magnetic field in which to operate, resulting in greater output and correct impedance matching. In addition, the cross-shape design can separate left and right stereo channels far more effectively than the moving magnet alternative. Eroica HX’s Gyger II diamond stylus has a tiny five micron playing radius, which means it can trace frequencies as high as 50kHz without distortion, and thanks to the cross-armature’s low mass “it can react to musical transients with absolute precision”.

Goldring have enclosed it in a light, rigid and attractive housing formed from Pocan. As well as the benefits of its light weight and stiffness, Pocan “has no input into the sound the cartridge makes”. Eroica HX is compatible with virtually all tonearms, no matter if they’re straight, S-shaped or J-shaped, and no matter if they’re made from aluminium or carbon-fibre. The Goldring Eroica HX moving coil cartridge is available in June priced £549 / €699 / $899.


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