Grado’s fourth gen woodwork


Grado Labs is introducing a new Reference Series of headphones, which brings fourth generation X Drivers to the RS1x and RS2x. The RS2x (£599.95 / $550) combines maple and hemp wood, while the RS1x (£799.95 / $750) combines maple, cocobolo, and hemp wood. These are the fourth generation of drivers the Brooklyn company has designed since the introduction of the first Grado headphone in 1991. The RS1x and RS2x are now built with a new durable 8-conductor cables and white-stitched leather headbands.

The redesigned RS1x combines a 50mm driver with three species of wood, the housing is made of a maple sleeve, hemp core, and cocobolo outer ring. Grado builds with wood for its warm and embracing tonal abilities. 

The RS2x, focuses on maple and hemp wood to bring out the most they have to offer with a 44mm driver. This is the first time X Drivers have been built into wooden housings, and they needed to be finely tuned for their specific environments. “This combination brings out harmonic colours, a rich vocality, and the mid-range Grado is known for.”

Grado has increased the magnetic power of the driver while decreasing the effective mass of the voice coil. Along with the reconfigured diaphragm, “this creates a speaker that represents the truest presentation of the original source”.

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