Graham goes large


Graham Audio have announced the worldwide release of their BBC licensed LS5/8 Grade One monitor speaker. Designed in conjunction with Derek Hughes and Volt loudspeakers the high resolution two-way passive loudspeaker features a bespoke 12 inch bass/mid unit and legendary Audax tweeter matched to a “handcrafted” crossover. The project was conceived to reintroduce the famous BBC design as a follow on from the Graham Audio LS5/9 monitor speaker.
The design principle was to maintain the high class midrange and balance of the LS5/9 but with greater extension, power handling and authority. The LS5/8 was original issued as an ' active version' by the BBC using an in-house modified crossover card fitted to the vintage Quad 405 amplifier which bi-amped the speaker. Derek Hughes’ passive crossover design greatly improves on the resolution and imaging of the original speakers, while the bespoke 12 inch bass unit perfectly matches the Audax HF. The new LS5/8 uses the same high quality birch ply construction and exotic real wood veneers as the LS5/9. The cabinets are damped and upholstered, and feature the BBC lossy design principle. The Graham Audio LS5/8 is £6995 per pair.

Chartwell & Swisstone LS3/5A
Graham Audio has been expanding with the purchase of Chartwell and Swisstone. Chartwell is “historically regarded as the finest builders of the BBC LS3/5A speakers and their products are the most sort after of all the licensees who built this well regarded monitor”. Graham Audio will be manufacturing the most famous of all the BBC speakers under one of it’s most cherished names with the attention to detail and sound that made Chartwell famous. The bespoke drive units and crossover networks are by Derek Hughes working in conjunction with Volt loudspeakers to produce a fully licensed 'Made in England' speaker using the very finest materials available. Swisstone was the company that owned the Rogers brand which also produced an LS3/5A. Chartwell by Graham Audio, will be releasing a BBC licensed LS3/5A speaker at the Munich High End Show in May 2015. Price to be confirmed.

Royal Opera House
As if that weren’t enough Graham Audio are currently working with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden who have commissioned a bespoke passive speaker system of the highest quality. Graham Audio again turned to Derek Hughes to co-design a 4 box high resolution speaker system capable of being driven by any amplifier that will provide the same continuity of sound and detail as our other speakers but on a larger scale.
Called SYSTEM 3D, the design uses a bespoke high resolution, high powered passive crossover network that negates the need for digital correction or manipulation. The design simplifies the sound designer’s needs and provides a hi-fi quality speaker with enough power and delicacy to be used on the opera house stage as well as for theatre sound. Designed as a 4 box, SYSTEM 3D uses a separate mid top box aligned to a twin bass unit on each side. The 3D system will also be available to domestic users in a range of high quality real wood veneers and can be used as the ultimate reference system for studio and high end audio reproduction.



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