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Russ Andrews has published its latest information and product guide, ‘Russ Andrews Power – Connect With Your Music, to help audiophiles get the most out of their systems by following the principles of good power management.The 40-page booklet takes the reader through a journey of the recommended upgrade path, starting with mains cables and ending up with the company’s flagship upgrade, the new Balanced Mains Units.

Having first started working on the importance of better quality mains over 40 years ago, and launching the UK’s first commercial audiophile mains cable, the company has been responsible for many of the now widely accepted norms in audio mains. It is therefore ideally placed to assist hi-fi enthusiasts with the issue of mains improvement. 

“The importance of getting the mains right in a hi-fi system cannot be overly stressed,” explains chairman and technical director, Russ Andrews. “It is like the fuel in your car – the better the quality of the source of its power, the better the performance. With this in mind, I have spent over 40 years working on non-invasive ways of cleaning up the mains supply for hi-fi systems and am delighted to be able to bring all my discoveries together in one information and product guide. I hope it helps many people get more enjoyment from their music.”

The first step recommended by Russ is to fit dedicated power cables to the equipment, replacing the standard ‘out of the box’ cables supplied by the manufacturers. Upgrading via a Russ Andrews power cable, with its unique Kimber Weave construction to reduce the transmission of unwanted RFI into the electronics, is “an essential starting point and great improvements can be gained for as little as £60. Significant improvements can even be made to the performance of the cables through use of Russ Andrews’ proprietary ‘Super Burn-In’ technology and the addition of new Audio Quality mains plugs and SuperFuses.”

Mains distribution is the second topic of conversation, and Russ Andrews is clear that the quality of the mains block has a marked effect upon the sound of the hi-fi system. Its mains blocks are manufactured using the highest quality internal components and sockets and can be optionally fitted with a variety of passive mains filters, spike and surge protection to further improve the audio performance. Many of the protection circuits are also available as stand-alone devices, which help protect systems from mains-borne spikes and noise pollution.

The recently introduced PowerPurifier provides “the maximum protection possible” in one easy to use, plug and play enclosure. Its modular design permits the inclusion of any combination of SuperClamp (spike and surge protection), Clarity Mains (Coherence Technology enhancers), MegaClamp (advanced spike and surge protection), Mains Zapperator (high frequency RF absorption) and UltraPurifier (up to 80dB wideband noise reduction) modules.

In addition to the use of better quality cables, protectors and filters, much of Russ Andrews’ research work has been focused on the importance of grounding. The company’s RF Grounding technology is an effective way of removing the sound-degrading RF energy from the mains earth and connected equipment. By connecting the metal casework of each component to the amplifier’s case and then that in turn to the Russ Andrews RF Router, which is in itself connected to ground, the result is a substantial improvement in sound with a more stable soundstage

The options for installation upgrades, including high quality consumer units, specialist wiring for hi-fi mains circuits and the importance of using good quality wall sockets are also covered in this highly informative booklet, with the all-important caveat that mains installation work must be done by a qualified electrician.

The final sections of the information and product guide explore the use of external replacement high-quality AC and DC power supplies for components such as DACs and headphone amps, explain the theory behind the use of the new Balanced Mains Units, the reasons why they work and why they are used in many professional recording studios.

‘Russ Andrews Power – Connect With Your Music’, is a “must read” publication for anyone interested in getting the very best out of their hi-fi system. It is available free of charge direct from Russ Andrews.

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