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The 2017 Indulgence show is coming up fast so we thought it about time you knew what you might get to see and hear if you come to Hammersmith this weekend. The event is split into three areas: Audio London for two channel audio and AV equipment, Headroom for headphones and accessories and Pure Pleasure which focuses on luxury goods. Below are some of the brands you can look forward to seeing at the event.


PMC will have the cor integrated amplifier in action, and world-renowned mastering engineer and PMC user Tony Cousins will be talking about the magic and artistry of Peter Gabriel’s work.

Sony is bringing its Signature series headphones, hi-res NW-ZX300 Walkman and the Google oriented LifeSpace UX among many other goodies.

Innuos is going all out with its ZENith SE server in an active Goldmund Prologos system with Mimesis 11 Pre amp, Chord Sarum-T Cables, Quadraspire X Reference Rack and Artnovion room treatment. They also have a Chord Blu2+DAVE and Hifiman HE1000 V2 headphone set up.

Cabasse is bringing three new loudspeakers to Indulgence, the Baltic 4 (above) three-way coaxial satellite, Murano Alto floorstander and Swell Bluetooth portable.

KEF is keeping things compact and wireless with the LS50 active music system.

New loudspeaker maker 3 Square Audio’s products combine first order crossover filters and hand crafted Baltic Birch plywood cabinets.

Arcam will be installing a ‘Cinematic Experience’ and demonstrating the rPlay which allows you to add network audio streaming services to any audio system.


Auralic’s G2 Aries streamer and G2 Vega DAC make their UK debut and take top slot in the company’s range of digital savvy electronics.

CAD will be playing their fabulous 1543 MkII DAC and demonstrating the Ground Control units that take a whole new approach to mains conditioning.

Chord Co has a full system with which you can experience their cables in an intimate and relaxed listening environment, get your ticket early to avoid disappointment.


FM Acoustics is a well kept secret in the high end but now Vertere is distributing the brand you will have a chance to hear the FM Inspiration XS-III Loudspeaker system for the first time in the UK.

Kii Audio Three loudspeakers from Germany combine active drive, DSP crossovers and ‘active wave focussing’ that’s designed to eliminate room related problems. They also look great.

Monitor Audio will be showcasing the latest generation of its Silver series alongside Roksan electronics and turntables.

Focal’s range of Utopia headphones powered by Naim amplifiers and DACs can be auditioned in the Headroom zone.


Karma AV has two systems from the remarkably affordable Emotiva range whose fully balanced ERC3 CD player and flagship 1000W XSP/XPA hybrid class A/AB pre-power will be driving an SVS Ultra Bookshelf and SB sub. With prices starting at £399 this could be a brand to watch.

Townshend Audio will have their latest product the Allegri+ transformer passive preamplifier alongside the new Fractal F1 Isolda speaker cable, not forgetting their essential range of isolation products.

Vertere will have a megabucks system in action featuring the Reference record player and new RG-1 Reference motor drive equipped with the fabulous Audio-Technica ART1000 moving coil.

There will be almost as many brands in the Headroom area where you can try out a huge variety of headphones, earphones and accessories from brands including Chord Electronics, AKG, Fostex, Astell&Kern, Audeze, Benchmark, HiFiMan, Innuos, KEF, Metaxas & Sins, Noble, Pioneer, Primare, Schiit, Shure, Questyle and Ultrasone among others.


The highlight of the event will naturally be the Ear’s first public demonstration room in the world ever. We have put together a high value high end system comprising Rega RP10 turntable with Apheta 2 cartridge and Tom Evans Microgroove+X MkII phono stage, Melco N1A server, CAD 1543 MkII DAC, Townshend Allegri+ preamplifier, ATC P1 power amplifier and PMC twenty5.22 standmount loudspeakers on Townshend Seismic Podium bases. The room will be treated by Blue Frog Audio and the music will be interspersed with short technology seminars from Max Townshend, PMC’s Keith Tonge, Scott Berry from CAD and Joe Fairclough of Blue Frog Audio.

The Indulgence show will run from Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. Click here for full details.


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