Isoacoustics platform of calm


Isoacoustics is introducing the Delos series of maple isolation platforms, designed specifically to isolate turntables and electronic components from any interference caused by external vibrations and resonances. Named after the floating island of Delos from Greek mythology, the new models combine IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology with a solid butcher block to provide a stable platform with a low noise floor. The mass of the dense maple wood and the integrated IsoAcoustics isolators combine to eliminate any interference from external and structural vibrations, and claim to allow superior audio performance with greater clarity and detail from supported components.

TheDeloswill be available in a smaller 455x380mm size and a larger 560x405mm size. Both sizes are available in 45mm and 76mm thickness. The smaller size has a maximum weight capacity of 29.5 kg and 24.9 kg for the 45mm and 75mm models respectively. 

The larger size Deloshas an extra row of integrated isolators to provide a greater weight capacity at 45.4 kg for the 45mm thick model and 40.8 kg for the 75mm model. The thicker 75mm models provide additional mass and give best results with heavier turntables and components.IsoAcoustics Delosseries will be available in July with pricing starting at ¬£399.99.


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