ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma for better telly


ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma for better telly
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

According to ISOL-8 Quality mains conditioning can bring the same performance benefits to pictures as well as sound. The MiniSub Chroma is a single box power conditioner for entire AV systems. It incorporates many of the technologies featured in the ISOL8’s audiophile SubStation range, with help from the VMC1080 video conditioner, at a much more affordable price.

It has six outlets: one for video displays of all types and three for audio and video source components, each has a Transmodal filter to combat noise cross contamination within your system. These attenuate both common and differential mode noise without dumping it to ground. Two high power outlets are cleaned by a low dynamic impedance, high current filter optimised for amplifiers.
Built to last with premium components including Evox capacitors, OFC Mundorf inductors, silver plated PTFE insulated wiring and custom ISOL-8 chokes, the MiniSub Chroma is claimed to be the ideal AV enthusiast’s upgrade.
Price is £995 and there’s more info at