K3 is go


First spotted at the High End in Munich Roksan’s new K3 range has now been launched. K3 sits between the existing K2 and M2 product lines and brings some distinctive finishes to the brand. The range consists of a CD player and integrated amplifier, both priced at £1250, and both sporting one of three new finishes: Anthracite, Opium and Charcoal.
Under this attractive skin Roksan claims to have incorporated refined and enhanced versions of the K2 circuitry. So the K3 CD player has a PCM1798, 24/192 DAC chip, custom made master clock, balanced and coaxial digital output and gold plated analogue outputs. The K3 integrated amp has a raft of inputs including MM phono, bypass and Bluetooth aptX and delivers 140 watts of power from a symmetrical circuit.
Much emphasis is placed on the UK build of the range, and most of the parts are sourced there, the exception being the front panel metalwork from Germany.

k3 bronze handset

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