Karousel keeps LP12 spinning


Linn has unveiled its first bearing upgrade in 27 years. The precision-engineered Karousel is only the third evolution of this design in almost 50 years. This innovative take on the design for 2020 has been made possible through technological advances in material science and machining capabilities, as well as mechanical engineering expertise gained since the LP12 was introduced. Karousel claims to offer more refined motion and greater stability allowing an even better sound with a longer lasting design and the kit costs £750.


With the addition of two personalisation options, LP12 owners can create a turntable that’s truly unique to them with the opportunity to match their plinth to any colour finish (£330) and to monogram their deck with up to 4 letters (£330). The same high gloss colour finishes are available for all Linn speakers, so customers can match their speakers to their deck to create a bespoke system.

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