KEF LSX II LT for music, film and gaming

KEF LSX II LT wireless speakers

KEF LSX II LT wireless speakers

After delivering the magic of great sound for over 60 years, KEF is on a mission to make unrivalled high-fidelity sound even more accessible with the launch of the LSX II LT. Within this streamlined version of KEF’s coveted LSX II speakers, customers can look forward to the same key technological innovations they have come to love at an even lower price point.

Part of the LS Wireless collection, the LSX II LT is made for both newcomers to the brand with an ear for superior hi-fi and existing KEF customers looking to introduce multiroom streaming. The versatility of the LSX II LT is a welcome addition to the next generation of plug-and-play speaker systems.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size, the LSX II LT creates a multitude of entertainment possibilities to take music, film, and gaming to a new level. No matter how you enjoy your audio, KEF aims to make connectivity straightforward. The cutting-edge W2 Wireless platform complements LSX II LT by allowing listeners to stream from major music services, such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, instantly. The KEF Connect app and Bluetooth feature expand the options even further.

KEF LSX II LT wireless speakers

With extensive connectivity options including HDMI ARC, USB-C and optical, customers can plug into a TV, desktop, laptop or console, and the room will instantly be filled with impressive high-fidelity sound. If they wish to dial up the bass for a fully immersive listening experience, there is a dedicated output to connect a compact KEF subwoofer to create the desired impact.

Designed to enhance everyday life, users can seamlessly integrate LSX II LT into their smart home to browse and play music, select sources, or use controls such as play, pause, and adjust the volume via their smart home app or control interface. The LSX II LT only requires a single power cord, as the primary speaker powers the secondary one via the interspeaker cable. This is extremely helpful when power sockets are in short supply.

The newest addition to the LSX family, each LSX II LT uses KEF’s 11th generation Uni-Q driver array, an innovative piece of technology which disperses sound evenly and ensures everyone hears the same detailed tune from any position. The music integrity engine ensures a perfectly timed performance with clear, accurate and balanced sound, seamlessly optimised with the Uni-Q driver array to deliver complete clarity.

Customers can expect the recognisable contemporary aesthetic of industrial designer Michael Young seen across the LSX family. This sharp, minimalistic design perfectly suits LSX II LT’s requirement to deliver pristine sound while looking fantastic. LSX II LT comes in Graphite Grey, Stone White and Sage Green, three beautiful new finishes that aim to complement any home interior.

KEF LSX II LT wireless speakers

Every aspect of the LSX II LT has been carefully considered to complement home entertainment experiences. It comes with neat mounting inserts for secure placement on the P1 desk pad and S1 floor stand, allowing for easy and flawless integration into all living spaces. Additionally, LSX II LT is compatible with the specially designed C-Link interspeaker cable, made with high-tenacity fabric for enhanced durability and protection. With an impressive length of 8 metres, the C-Link cable offers 5 metres more flexibility than the supplied cable, granting greater freedom in positioning the speakers according to personal preference.

The KEF Connect app and powerful EQ DSP (Digital Signal Processing) can be used to easily adjust the sound to allow the LSX II LT to best suit the room, users will be walked through the set-up and the system controls after downloading the app. KEF LSX II LT – £899 per system, KEF 8m C-Link Interspeaker Cable – £50 per piece.

From 18th January, KEF LSX II LT and C-Link interspeaker cable will be available for myKEF members to purchase ahead of the official launch on 25th January. Register to become a myKEF member for free at to enjoy exclusive offers and early access to new products and events.

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