KImber PBJ anniversary special


To mark Kimber Kable’s 40thbirthday Russ Andrews are introducing a one-off, limited edition version of Kimber’s classic PBJ analogue interconnect that boasts all the features of the original plus upgraded WBT 0114 RCA phono plugs in place of the standard Kimber UltraPlate connectors. The original tri-wire braid, which was to become such a familiar symbol of Kimber Kable, is retained in its authentic colours of red, blue and black.

The heritage of the name PBJ can be traced back to the Second World War, when American GIs posted to Europe were given peanut butter sandwiches as a protein rich snack. They often added jelly (that’s jam in English) to provide a little bit of sweetness and thus the PBJ name was born. Post war it soon became a firm favourite with families across America. The term PBJ became ubiquitous with anything that was seen as a staple and so Ray Kimber thought it the ideal name for a cable he hoped would, and indeed has, become a staple interconnect in his range.

PBJ hasn’t changed over the years, the tri-wire braid is made up of three VariStrandcopper conductors, each is individually insulated with fluorocarbon dielectric and then braided together, with the red wire used for the signal, the blue for the ground and the black as an additional ‘drain’ wire. The PBJ’s construction and the familiar weave reduces both airborne and conducted RFI for better sound, as a result of its natural filtering characteristics. 

Each conductor is made up of seven different gauges of Hyper-pure copper wire, each of which favours a different frequency range, allowing the cable to pass the entire frequency spectrum of the music with increased accuracy. The fluorocarbon insulation is applied at lower temperatures than many other insulations, thus reducing any potential for heat damage to the copper. PBJ is available direct from Russ Andrews for a limited period at a cost of £170 for a 1m pair.


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