Kimber powered RCA to DIN adaptors


Russ Andrews Accessories is launching two dedicated RCA phono/DIN adaptors, to enable users of Naim hi-fi components – along with legacy equipment with DIN inputs and outputs – to use RCA-terminated interconnect cables. The latest in a long line of carefully thought out and extremely useful adaptors, the RCA/DIN has been produced in response to requests from customers who want to be able to use their existing RCA interconnects with both current and legacy equipment components fitted with 180° 5-pin DIN inputs.

The first in the range of these adaptors, the RCA/DIN Cu (£75), uses Kimber’s PBJ copper wiring and Kimber UltraPlate female phono sockets. The PBJ features the same braided construction as used in all Kimber analogue interconnects, to provide RFI rejection, and therefore makes the transition from an RCA terminated interconnect to DIN socketed hi-fi component as seamless as possible. For people looking for a higher quality connection, Russ Andrews has added a second option with the silver wired RCA/DIN Ag adaptor (£149). This model utilises Kimber’s pure silver KCAG interconnect cable to link the two phono plugs to the DIN plug and is the perfect solution for those who demand the very best from their system. The length of both adaptors is 135mm.The adaptor’s DIN plug is wired so as to be suitable for use on the 180˚ 5 pin DIN inputs and outputs on components with pins 3 and 5 used for signal and 2 for ground.

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