Kudos Cardea Super 20

Kudos Cardea Super 20

Kudos has created a floorstanding version of its Cardea Super 10 and called it Super 20. The new two-way speaker combines the Kudos Crescendo tweeter from the range topping Titan 88 with a new seven inch main driver which has a hand-treated paper cone, a 26mm voice coil and an aluminium phase plug. The crossover is described as simple but utilising very high quality parts, these include Mundorf inductors, resistors and supreme gold, silver and oil capacitors from the same brand.

The Cardea Super 20 is reflex loaded at the bottom for ese of placement in the room, a tri-laminate a plinth creates a gap that allows all round venting and offers excellent mechanical grounding thanks to the steel plate at its base. Stainless steel spikes are provided for maximum anchoring potential.

The cabinet is made of 18mm MDF with a choice of real wood veneers or satin white finish. Price is £4,250 for the standard finishes of black, cherry, oak, walnut, rosenut, satin white, the tineo veneer shown costs extra.

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