The last Cyrus CDP?


Cyrus Audio is cutting its CD player range down to single machine. The £975 CD i was created because of fundamental changes to the way in which people listen to music. Cyrus has released the CD i to replace their two existing integrated CD players – the CD 6 SE₂ and CD 8 SE₂. The company believes that this new CD player, positioned between the two previous models in terms of price, will fulfil the decreasing demand in the market for integrated CD players. Positioned below the CD 8 SE₂ in terms of price, Cyrus claims that the performance of the CD i is superior to any integrated CD player they have ever made. This is in part because it uses the most advanced version of the company’s Servo Evolution disc reading technology so far. It is also attributed to the company’s advanced 32 bit DAC and fully regulated power supply. The CD i shares a new LED disc loader and acoustically led circuit design with the company’s flagship CD transport, the CD Xt Signature. A PSX-R port allows the consumer to further upgrade the sound of the unit by connecting one of the company’s expert external power supplies.

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