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Edinburgh has a hi-fi shop like no other. Loud & Clear has had the mother of all makeovers, which MD John Carroll explains thusly: “Looking at retailing as a whole has told us that consumers in all market areas want an experience whilst shopping. Before setting up Loud & Clear in Edinburgh 18 years ago, I was fortunate enough to work in high street retailing with the likes of Ravel and Next as a retail trainer. I also ran an outdoor driving experience and activity company. In both of these roles the customer experience was my main mantra.

Loud Clear new shop interior image 6

“The new showroom at Commercial Quay in Edinburgh has been designed and built to challenge customers’ senses. Using the finest materials, beautiful wood and metalwork, our coffee bar is at the heart of our new events space. Yes, an events space, and not a hi-fi shop, because we aim to make music an event. We have interwoven tactile materials, artwork and great industrial design to inspire visitors. Venture deeper into the space and you will discover the media room. Lined with douglas fir timber we have built in invisible loudspeakers from Amina Technologies to create a full Dolby Atmos home cinema. At the touch of a button the room is transformed into a stunning movie theatre.”

We wonder how long it will take for John to realize that there’s more money in coffee and ditch the stereos! Only kidding, the new Loud & Clear is the most inspiring retail outlet to appear in the UK for some time and we recommend you go see it while it’s fresh.

Loud Clear shop opening Autumn 2017 mages

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