Luxman C-10X flagship control amplifier

Luxman C-10X

Luxman C-10X preamplifier

The C-10X is indeed the successor to the C-900u released in 2013, but is a completely redesigned amplifier. This new flagship model was developed with the aim of achieving the overwhelming audio quality that next-generation components should provide for the 100th anniversary of Luxman in 2025.
In the amplifier section, Luxman’s new Lifes amplification feedback engine, which was first adopted for the M-10X flagship power amplifier, is installed for the first time in a control amplifier. Four fully-balanced preamplifier blocks, under completely identical operating conditions, achieve pristine purity and a natural, three-dimensional sound.
Luxman’s original electronically controlled attenuator, Lecua, is directly connected to the preamplifier section, translating volume control operation into attenuation in fine increments of 0.5dB. The rotary encoder system is driven by a stylish volume knob, with its built-in heavyweight damping mechanism, installed on the front panel.

Luxman C-10X
The C-10X is equipped with Lecua-EX, which reproduces the feel of traditional audio equipment, but with modern technology under the hood, and achieves smooth and tactile volume control, while thoroughly suppressing sound quality deterioration. The exterior expresses a three-dimensional layering with a bold contrast between the authentic, blasted white finish front panel, inherited from the C-900u, and a fresh hairline finish top panel.
An exquisite combination of different finishes and shapes evokes a presence as a component, indicative of the richness, depth and delicacy within. To attain its flagship pedigree, the C-10X control amplifier is a C-series model revision, the first in 10 years, with plenty of luxurious features unique to high-end products.
As the perfect partner to our M-10X power amplifier, it is equipped with our latest Lifes amplification feedback engine and as a controller, it draws out peak performance from any power amplifier, challenging the high expectations of audiophiles all around the globe. The Luxman C-10X preamplifier is available to order now at an RRP of £16,000.

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