Magic podium


Townshend Audio’s new Seismic Podium is designed to break the acoustic connection between the floor and the speaker, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets. Break this link and the result is simply magical! As our report revealed last year seismic energy never sleeps, it just calms down at night, this is why Townshend Audio believes that isolating speakers is beneficial (which we can confirm to be the case).

The Podium features an innovative ‘Captive’ Load Cell on each corner. A screw handle on the top provides fine level adjustment, whilst on the bottom is an adjustable foot to accommodate out-of-true floors. The tough steel plate support area is carpeted and will accommodate any shape of medium to large loudspeaker or sub-woofer, with or without spikes. The Seismic Podiums are suitable for wood, tile or carpeted floors. Total speaker height will increase by only 20mm (3/4”). They are available in five sizes for speakers weighing between 12kg and 240kg, Townshend Isolation bars are available for lighter speakers. The Isolation Podiums are priced from £1,800 per pair and available from

speaker podium

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