Magico active x-over for subs


Magico has announced that the MXO analogue active crossover originally conceived and designed for the M9 loudspeaker system (@ 120Hz fixed) will also be available with high/low pass filtering (@ 55Hz fixed). The MXO provides “extremely transparent” high/low pass filtering which relieves the main loudspeakers of the “punishing low frequencies below 55Hz” and sends extended low bass information to powered subwoofers. This level of analogue upper and lower range signal management improves transparency and resolution in the main loudspeakers and allows powered subwoofers to seamlessly integrate with the main speakers. 

The MXO features an Active 2-Way, 24dB/octave, Linkwitz-Riley filter slope at 55Hz with a 0/180-degree phase option and 12dB gain per channel. Designed in-house, the MXO is a dual mono, fully balanced / discrete circuit topology design from input to output using the highest quality precision parts (resistors/capacitors) to “ensure an extremely low noise floor with extended signal bandwidth and ultra-linear response”. 

Precision step attenuators provide 0.5 dB/step control with up to +/- 12dB of gain adjustment per channel using a proprietary design. The gain stage features software driven relays to control the circuit. A propriety technique is implemented to have one fixed resistor in series while maintaining a constant output impedance during volume changes to achieve optimized sound performance at all volume settings. The open architecture of the MXO uses a modular card (above) to motherboard design that enables the implementation of additional filter topologies or upgrades in the future. 

The dual chassis design of the MXO isolates the sensitive filter processing circuitry from the separately housed power supply. Featuring oversized lab grade power transformers, the power supply regenerates AC and applies active regulation across every stage of the circuitry. US price is $48,000.

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