Magico’s birthday treat


Magico is celebrating its tenth birthday with the M Project loudspeaker. This limited edition floorstander is the first from the company to sport carbon fibre side panels and top and bottom plates that are “edge-free” to optimize dispersion. Both front and side panels are curved to kill off internal standing waves and remove the sharp edges that undermine imaging. The construction is based around an aluminium frame or skeleton which houses five drive units in a three-way configuration.

The M Project has a new, ground up designed tweeter with a diamond coated, beryllium tweeter, a cross between a Focal and a Bowers & Wilkins it seems! This has a larger 28mm dome compared to existing Magico units which confers greater power handling and “improves many aspects of performance”. The tweeter is allied to a six inch midrange taken from the Q7 model. This has a 55mm voice coil and Nano-Tec cone with a large (120mm) underhung, neodymium base motor system. Bass is provided by three 10inch Nano-Tec drivers with a new magnet system and 12.5mm of excursion.

The M Project stands 1.45m tall weighs 180 kilos and has a 91dB/4 Ohm sensitivity, price in the US is $129,000.
UK distribution is handled by Absolute Sounds

MPro Twet

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