Moonriver Reference integrated


Moonriver Audio of Malmö, Sweden have announced a Reference version of their 404 integrated amplifier. In the 404 Reference (€4.490, $4,995) the power supplies for both preamp and power amp have double the capacitance, which gives a big advantage in how the Reference handles the incoming signal. “The dynamic character of the [50W] amplifier digs out more detail, and low level information; the sound stage is much deeper and articulate; the space between instruments is vast, while the bass has greater authority and is more confident than ever before. The texture of each individual instrument is exposed exponentially in comparison with the Standard version.
“The Moonriver 404 Reference can drive most speakers in the market to significant levels. WBT nextgenTM speaker terminals ensure the flow of current from the amplifier’s output stage to the speakers. The 404 Reference chassis reduces unwanted resonant vibrations even further with absorbent materials, and better integral mechanical support”. The 404 Reference amplifier is modular like its brother; it can accommodate an MM or MM/MC phono stage and a USB asynchronous DAC.  Fitting these modules is simple, and can take place at any time, on or after purchase.  The USB DAC may also be upgraded with a newer version to meet future needs and technologies.

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