Mutec Prime Select for precise clock work

Mutec Prime Select digital cables

Mutec Prime Select digital cables

Mutec, manufacturer of professional audio technology for studio and high-end applications, announces the launch of its Prime Select cables for transmission of digital audio and clock signals. These dedicated cables have been designed specifically for use with reference master clocks, re-clockers and digital audio interfaces from Mutec.

“We constantly receive enquiries about which cables are best suited for our devices. As we were unable to make a valid recommendation due to the large number of products available in the market, we decided to develop our own cables. Thanks to the technically appropriate, high-quality Prime Select cables, we now can guarantee perfect performance of Mutec devices.“ Christian Peters, CEO Mutec GmbH

During development, all coaxial cables of the Prime Select category have been measured exclusively by Mutec’s developers and tested on Mutec equipment for compatibility and quality. Handmade in Germany, Prime Select cables do not follow any esoteric “voodoo” philosophies, but are based on technically relevant characteristics that can be reproduced at any time. They combine high-quality cable material with first class connectors by specialists like Neutrik or Damar and Hagen. Mutec Prime Select cables precisely meet the specifications required for the intended use, guaranteeing complete, accurate and fast transfer of digital audio and clock signals.

Two different lines are available: PSC 75 with 75 ohms characteristic impedance and PSC 50 with 50 ohms characteristic impedance. A constant characteristic impedance is particularly important for the transmission quality of an S/P-DIF signal or the 10 MHz reference clock signal between input and output. Reflections within the cable, which can cause unsteady delivery of the data packets (= jitter), have to be prevented. This problem is avoided with a Mutec coaxial cable. The respective characteristic impedance is always guaranteed.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Mutec Prime Select cables are offered for a recommended retail price starting at €149.90 Euro (PSC 75) and at €199.90 Euro (PSC 50) respectively.

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