Naim guns for the Musos


With the unveiling of Muso Naim is making its first steps into the fast moving waters of mass market audio. Designated a wireless music system, Muso is a substantial chunk of metal and wood with a coloured grille and silver metalwork, it must have the hardcore forumites frothing at the gills. Not only is it not black but it’s designed to work with smart phones and tablets as a main source for the music it reproduces. You can connect it to a network and stream from your NAS drive or even stick a USB stick full of tunes into it and spin those, but such activities will probably be limited to the minority of users.

paul stephenson

Proud parent: Naim MD Paul Stephenson reveals the ported nature of the Muso cabinet

Hidden within its aluminium and MDF frame are no fewer than six channels of class D amplification, rated at a flat earth shattering 75 watts apiece (the whole thing has more specified power than a NAP 500). These are actively connected to bass, mid and treble drivers for the full on stereo experience, I did ask why stereo, and was told that mono wouldn’t cut it in this market sector. Undoubtedly true. There are a couple of nods to the range topping Statement amplifier that’s due to be launched in the summer, the control knob is very similar in appearance but not substance I’m told and Muso sits on a transparent acrylic slab which is illuminated so that you can just about pick out the discreet branding. To be frank you wouldn’t guess it were a Naim otherwise.

naim muso 2

It’s a serious piece of kit by one box standards, wireless operation extends to both Airplay and Bluetooth aptX and there is native support for certain streaming services but these have yet to be finalised. It’s a full UPnP streamer as per Naim’s separates, has onboard net radio using the vTuner service and it can stream from a network. An optical input is provided to make up for the absence of HDMI and a 3.5mm analogue jack caters for all other sources. It supports gapless playback with all but MP3 and is fully HD compatible with the core audiophile formats.

The six speakers consist of a silk dome tweeter plus compact mid cone and dinky racetrack bass driver, this combined with the total of 450 watts means that on paper at least its more powerful than any of the competition. Every other room should have one! Price will be £895 and Muso will be in the shops come September.

For more pics and info check out this piece at the Tom Tom Club.

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