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Dynaudio has revised its Xeo range of wireless loudspeakers. Xeo 3 has become 4 and Xeo 5 is now 6. These bookshelf and floorstanding models have had a variety of changes including improved DSP, advanced Class-D amplification and a new “highly-tuned” crossover. There is now an auto play function, which means you don't have to select the live input because it will sense signal a go to that input, and crucially they have an LED display so you know which input is selected and what level the volume is set at. Albeit at the aesthetic expense of a lump on the top!

The Xeo hub has improved triband wireless tech to avoid problems with wi-fi signals on unrelated equipment and there are additions to the transmitter range. Xeo Extender boosts signal for multi room applications and Xeo Link allows for the addition of subwoofers and extra sources. Finally the remote is now of higher quality and has better directionality, it says here.
Positioning has also been made easier with an EQ switch on each speaker, this means you can place it near a wall or in free space without compromising bass performance.
Pricing is now: Xeo 4 – £1,550, Xeo 6 – £2,700, Xeo Hub – £225, Xeo Link – £135, Xeo Extender – £135.

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