The New Bronze age


Monitor Audio has announced the availability of the latest Bronze speaker range. The four stereo loudspeakers and a selection of surround models integrate new generation of C-CAM metal drivers with high quality cabinets in four vinyl finishes:  Black Oak, Walnut, Rosemah and a new White Ash. Invisible driver fixings and floating magnetic grilles lend New Bronze the look and feel of a premium range, it says here. Finished in steel-grey, the proprietary bass and mid drivers utilise a new type of ‘dished’ C-CAM cone that avoids the a pole-piece aperture, the cone is inherently more rigid and efficient while being less prone to break-up. The driver’s voice coil is thermally coupled to the back of the cone, which draws heat away from the coil for better power handling.
A new 25mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter extends each system’s frequency response to an 30kHz. Structural improvements in dome geometry and drive mechanism are said to have boosted accuracy and extension at the top end of the tweeter’s range, while an venting system allows air to flow outside the tweeter’s magnet assembly into a rear loading chamber, avoiding air compression for lower distortion and improved damping. The New Bronze drivers are individually mounted on a through-bolt which fixes at the back of the cabinet and tensions the driver at the front. This triple-action feature braces the cabinet structure for lower box colouration while removing the need for conventional front fixings. The crossover is populated by polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors. With slightly higher overall impedance than their BX predecessors, 90dB/W for the Two, Five and Six, the New Bronze line-up is more efficient meaning you don’t need a monster amp to get level out of them.

New Bronze One (£230) 2-way stand mount with 5.5inch main driver and rear firing port.
New Bronze Two (£280) 2-way stand mount with 6.5inch main driver and front firing port.
New Bronze Five (£560) 2.5-way floorstander with 5.5inch mid and bass drivers plus front and rear firing ports.
New Bronze Six (£700) 2.5-way floorstander with 6.5inch mid and two bass drivers plus front and rear firing ports.

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