New cocktail: NovaFidelity X12


In a bid to make further inroads in the ‘Sonos’ market Cocktail Audio maker Sygnifi is launching the NovaFidelity brand with the first of its second generation products, the NovaFidelity X12. Peter Cooke, MD at Sygnifi, said “The name has been created from ‘Nova’, from our cutting-edge Korean manufacturing partner, Novatron, and ‘Fidelity’ to underline our commitment to sound quality.” 

The NovaFidelity X12 builds on the Cocktail Audio X10 with improved audio components, larger screen, slicker interface and draw-loading CD mechanism. The compact unit comes with a 1TB hard drive as standard and can rip CDs to the drive at high speed in a range of formats including FLAC, WAV, ALAC and MP3. In addition to CD metadata and artwork look-up, app control and inputs for recording from external analogue devices, the X12 offers internet radio, uPnP/DNLA streaming, Shareplay for iOS devices and 24bit/192KHz file compatibility.

NovaFidelity inc remote

The X12 has a new DAC with wider dynamic range (112dB), a passive cooling system for near silent operation and a front control knob. Digital volume control on both analogue and digital outputs allows the X12 to be used as a preamplifier and the HDD bay now accepts 3.5in, 2.5in and SSD drives. Gold-plated 4mm speaker terminals have been introduced to further improve flexibility and sound quality. With a built-in 30wpc amplifier, the X12 can be used with a range of loudspeakers. The NovaFidelity X12 with 1TB HDD retails at £529 (drive free version £420).

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