New Motion speakers from Martin Logan

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PMC Distribution UK have announced two new product lines from Martin Logan, the Motion and the Motion XT. The Motion XT Series comprises four models, two floorstanding, one bookshelf and one centre channel. The Motion Series adds an additional five models, including two floorstanding, one bookshelf, one centre channel and the Motion MP10, a multi-purpose speaker for home theatre or stereo.

The new range features the Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeters (FMT), which see Martin Logan’s thin-film tweeter technology upgraded with larger magnet structures. This improves performance with lower distortion and higher output, with the highest levels of detail and accuracy. Motion XT receives the highest performance variant FMT technology, the Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion XT Tweeter. With a 40% increase in surface area, the XT Series offers the most effortless and detailed sound in the Motion range. The tweeters have a Folded Motion Waveguide for a wide range of listening positions while minimising unwanted room reflections.

MartinLogan Motion B10

The bass drivers are also entirely new. Motion XT receives Nomex reinforced Kevlar woofers for the critical midrange frequencies, while Motion uses fibreglass woofers, perfectly aligning these series with their in-wall/in-ceiling CI siblings for seamless timbre matching. Seamless integration of the drive units has been achieved through the development of new McCracken-Vojtko crossovers – the result of combining extensive anechoic and in-room measurements, with blind listening tests and the low distortion philosophy of Martin Logan’s signature Vojtko Crossover.

The floorstanding models benefit from F.A.S.T. Foot, a new fully adjustable, toolless foot design that provides increased performance with their anti-vibration properties and fast adjustment to level a speaker on any type of flooring.

Motion Series
F20 floorstanding £3,995, F10 floorstanding £2,995, B10 standmount £1,395 (above), C10 centre channel £1,195, MP10 multi-purpose £1,195

Motion XT Series
F200 floorstanding £6,495, F100 floorstanding £5,595, B100 standmount £1,895, C100 centre, channel £1,795

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