New Sennheiser HD 400s for Apple and Android

Sennheiser HD 400 2015

Sennheiser has launched the next generation of its HD 400 series of over-ear headphones. Combining “fine audio quality with contemporary style and robust design”, the range includes the closed-back HD 451, HD 461 and HD 471 models. Designed to keep the listener isolated from ambient noise, they are described as lightweight and durable designs. Powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary neodymium magnets, the three models are said to cater to different sound preferences. The HD 451 and HD 461 models feature powerful bass, whereas the HD 471 offers a more balanced, lifelike sound experience (see neutral). The HD 461 (£70) and HD471 (£90) are available in Apple and Android variants while the HD 451 (£50) is presumably for any OS.

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