Noble K10 in ear monitors


Noble Audio makes exotic in-ear monitors (IEM) that are custom fit and finished in some spectacular materials and shades. But you need to have a fitting and wait for Noble to make them at its Santa Barbara facility, so the company has come up with a universal fitting IEM. This is called K10 on account of the ten armature drivers per side in a four-way design that is the same size as other high end IEMs. They are constructed from acrylic with gold plated screws and have a detachable two-pin cable. Fitting is achieved with ear tips that are supplied in four kinds and three sizes with the K10s.

They don’t look as radical as Noble’s Kaiser 10 (below) but surprisingly have the same £999 price tag, it's the fact that you can buy a pair anywhere in the world and have them immediately that counts in an 'everything all the time' age. Sales are direct from

noble kaiser 10

10 balanced-armature drivers per side
2 precision-tuned bass drivers
2 precision-tuned mid-frequency drivers
2 precision-tuned mid-/high-frequency drivers
2 precision-tuned high-frequency drivers
2 precision-tuned super-high-frequency drivers
4-way design
Impedance <35 ohms
Detachable cable with industry-standard 2-pin configuration
Signature Noble Audio universal form factor
Gold plated pentalobe screws


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