Node SS-1 controls and captures the vibes

Node SS-1

Node SS-1 equipment support

Node launch SS-1, a new advanced equipment support system engineered to increase performance from your electronics.

Support System 1, or SS-1 continue the British brand Node Audio’s appetite for product innovation, and are the culmination of extensive research to develop the most effective upgrade to your existing system, enhancing timing, clarity and musicality.

More than just isolation, each SS-1 ‘puck’ contains a combination of stainless steel, ceramics and polymers, working in unison to limit, control and capture micro-vibrations and stray magnetic fields from electronic equipment like transformers, power conditioners, connection blocks, power supplies, streamers, DACs, and amplifiers.

Node SS-1

Their pivoting head allows perfect contact to the underside of equipment for maximum energy transfer. It may be optimally positioned under sound-sensitive internals like power transformers, clocks, capacitors and transport mechanisms. Including HDD, CD sleds etc. both as a vibrational drain, but also to focus stray magnetic fields, that may otherwise leech across other internals. The SS-1’s internal geometry in-turn helps prevent unwanted environment-borne vibrations travelling back into the system.

As the name suggests, Support System 1 forms the basis for an ecosystem of accessories built around the isolators. It’s screw threads provide expansion opportunities, including spider rack brackets, cable risers and carpet spikes, with more planned for the future.

Node SS-1

SS-1 coincides with the launch of Node’s new website, and is available in sets of three or four, either direct from Node, or from select retailers. Prices start from £810 per set.

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