Onkyo expands e-onkyo hi-res music store to UK


Onkyo Corporation is today expanding e-onkyo music – Japan's leading hi-res music download service. Now, users in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany will be able to access hundreds of thousands of 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 192kHz hi-res tracks and millions of CD-quality 16-bit FLAC, in the company’s music download store. With a rapidly growing catalogue, e-onkyo music (rebranded as store name “onkyo music” in US, UK and DE) aims to be the largest hi-resolution music download store.
Launched in Japan in 2005 e-onkyo music has since grown to become the country's favorite source for downloadable hi-res audio. In partnership with 7digital, a leading digital music platform, Onkyo Corporation is expanding the service to three key overseas territories, with more planned for the near future.
"As one of the world's leading hi-fi/home theatre manufacturers we can now provide music lovers with a full end-to-end hi-res audio experience." says, Kevin Miyagi, President of Onkyo Entertainment Technology and responsible for running the e-onkyo music service in Japan.
“Whether customers choose to listen on the move via headphones or at home via their stereo system or AV receiver, Onkyo wants them to be able to choose from the widest range of music, delivered – with the highest fidelity – to the devices they want to use… that's our mission.”

The service is currently in beta and can be accessed here , as well as through custom built native apps for Android and iOS, which are in development. Onkyomusic will cover all musical genres from pop and soul to jazz and folk, with classical music a major focus. The service also plans to make content available from Japanese labels, as well as genres previously not commonly widely available in hi-res audio format such as rock, metal and, the increasingly popular and steadily growing global catalogue of ANIME music.  Featuring global headliners as well as locally relevant independent artists.
Tracks and albums will be sold a la carte at competitive prices and in local currency – a hi-res album will cost the equivalent of $15- $20 while individual tracks will be around $3-$4 per song. Content will be sourced from industry giants such as Universal Music, as well as a host of specialist labels including Lantis, a big name ANIME song label in Japan looking to be added.
Music purchased on the onkyomusic platform will be stored in a cloud locker ready for download to multiple devices. Onkyo and 7digital will work together to create unique music promotions – with high profile partnerships already in the pipeline – as well as special features and unique editorial to engage customers with new music and deliver an elevated music discovery experience.

7digital CEO, Simon Cole comments: “Onkyo has a history of being the first to market in Japan and a legacy of great innovation around superior audio systems. They are a fantastic partner to work with, and we are pleased to be a part of this new compelling offer for their customers. The marriage of such high-fidelity sound systems and this very easy to use hi-res download store has the chance to attract new digital listeners and satisfy even the most serious audiophiles.”
Dickon Stainer, President and CEO of Global Classics for Universal Music Group, says: “Hi-resolution audio is a perfect medium for listeners to explore the all-important nuances, detail and vibrancy of great classical recordings. Our Decca and Deutsche Grammophon labels are famous around the world for their incredible catalogues of music and we’re thrilled that e-onkyo is now expanding internationally and making this amazing music available to even more fans in such high quality.”
Miyagi concludes, “Onkyo are striving to be the best in class for  hi-res audio experiences. Positive collaborations with major artists, various industry partners, including 7digital and our position as early innovators on this superior sound initiative make us confident that we will deliver.”.


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