Operly Intelligence III horns hit UK

Operly Intelligence III

Operly Intelligence III horn loudspeakers

Operly horn-loaded speakers are now available in the UK for the first time, with the release of its flagship line – the Operly Intelligence III.  Designed for discerning audiophiles who demand nothing but the best in sound quality, the Operly Intelligence III represents a whole new generation of full-range speakers, combining German precision engineering with advanced, revolutionary technologies developed by Operly’s team of expert engineers. The result is a rich audio delivery with exceptional and effortless clarity – breathing new life into the music you love.

The Operly Intelligence III’s striking, standout design is a fitting aesthetic for its cutting-edge engineering – a visual embodiment of its philosophy for creating the shortest possible sound reproduction path. The remarkable monocoque body is constructed from high grade fiberglass, with a uniform thickness of 15mm along the entire length of the backward horn, and formed in a vacuum for maximum strength.

Under the hood, classic elements of audiophilia go hand in hand with brand new technologies, elevating the entire sonic experience as a result. The driver features a unique design, utilizing a short coil with small diameter and high gap, achieving uniformity of the magnetic field and maximum fidelity. A patented full-range horn system eliminates all connections between the forward and backward horns – allowing the front horn to be perfectly mated to the speaker diaphragm, resulting in an arresting design that is exceptionally good for the sound.

Operly Intelligence III

The Intelligence III’s stunning architecture is also pleasingly practical. A three-point support allows for stable placement on uneven surfaces, with the product’s centre of gravity located so that pressure is evenly distributed between the feet. The depth and width dimensions are chosen to correspond to a person sitting in an office chair whilst taking up minimal space in a room. The backward horn is angled so that the convergence of the front and back horn axes is at a distance of 2.7 meters – the start of the comfortable listening zone. To eliminate standing waves, the sides of the horn are angled to each other to avoid parallel surfaces.

This depth of consideration for engineering and design culminates in a truly mind-blowing listening experience. The Operly Intelligence III’s high sensitivity audio system is reminiscent of a symphony hall – speaking voices in the room remain audible, even when playback is at a high volume. It means you can continue to talk whilst enjoying your music at any volume.

The Intelligence III is available to purchase in a vast assortment of beautiful finishes – with all colours featured in the German automotive colour palate available, including dual colour treatments. It means the Operly Intelligence III is a fully customisable statement speaker that can be tailored to complement any interior design or existing HiFi setup.

The Operly Intelligence III is set to make a serious mark on the UK HiFi industry, making horn-loaded sonic excellence a tantalising prospect for British music lovers nationwide. “The Operly Intelligence III is testament to what can be achieved when you take a legacy idea and bring it up to date with leading edge development and modern manufacturing techniques. New innovation takes new ideas, coupled with a deep respect for what has come before them. That’s what we’ve tried to bring to life in the Intelligence III. We’re so excited to fill the lives of British audiophiles with Operly horn-loaded audio solutions for the very first time.” Matthias Bauer, Head of Sales at Operly

Available now, the Operly Intelligence III has the following SRP – £33,000 / €37,000 / $40,000. Prospective customers to specify colours upon order.

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