The all new Elicit Mk5 stereo integrated amplifier is designed and built to the highest standard. Housed in Rega’s latest custom case to match the rest of the range, the Mk5 builds on previous Rega designs by using their Class A/B power amplifier circuit to deliver 105 Watts per channel into eight Ohm loads (127W […]


Enleum has won the iF Design 2022 Gold Award for the AMP-23R. From almost 11,000 submissions from 57 countries, only the 73 most outstanding design achievements were honoured with a Gold award.  “The Enleum AMP-23R is the pinnacle of a unique compact amplifier design, and it is a result of continuous progress to seek unparalleled […]


Eclipse has launched first new loudspeaker in seven years, the TD307Mk3 is a compact full-range speaker that has been several years in the making and replaces its predecessor, the TD307Mk2. The new TD307Mk3 features the same technologies as Eclipse’s upmarket models at a fraction of the price (£600 per pair). Highly flexible, the TD307Mk3 can be used for […]


Inspired by the depth of emotion he witnessed at vinyl listening sessions organised during his tenure at the Bridgestone Museum of Arts in Tokyo, Hideo Matsushita was determined to enable more people to experience the warmth of analogue listening. In a small Shinjuku apartment on 17th April 1962, he established Audio-Technica and began developing cartridges. His […]


Forty-three years after Kimber Kable first launched its first speaker cable, 4PR, Russ Andrews is introducing the entirely new version of 4PR and its big brother 8PR to the UK. audiophile market. The new cables greatly improve the performance of the originals by utilising trickle-down technology from Kimber’s higher-end speaker cables. The 4PR (above) and […]


Cambridge Audio is the recipient of two Red Dot Design Awards 2022, for its Evo all-in-one system and Melomania 1+ true wireless headphones. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions worldwide and selects the best products, brands, communication works and design concepts of every year.   Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder […]


Wega are proud to announce the world’s first 24 inch turntable, the Wega P24. This is the brainchild of Karel Loos jnr. Which has been made a reality by cutting edge Czech turntable manufacturer Nodihulda AS (Plzeň). It’s understood that the new turntable will spin at an extraordinary 360rpm for maximum detail retrieval, users are […]


Chord Company has applied its 38-year cable expertise to produce a truly unique product: the world’s first wi-fi cable, C-thru. C-thru is the painstaking result of literally weeks of research and development. The new wireless wire is not only the most transparent cable in the company’s history, it offers vanishingly low noise, making it ideal for […]


Melco Audio latest and most ambitious network switch goes the extra mile with a separate linear power supply “for the ultimate in networked audio sound quality”. The new S10 flagship switch (£4,999) comprises a ‘head’ unit and a power unit, separating the sensitive data-carrying areas of the design from the power supply. The two-box approach […]


Equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi technology, the Triangle AIO3 (£409) can stream music from any device and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. With multiroom configuration, multiple AIO3 devices can be linked for broadcasting music throughout your home. Triangle has partnered with Danish brand Gabriel to manufacture speaker finishes and has helped to create a […]


Record Store Day UK is proud to unveil a limited edition 15th anniversary Rega turntable to help celebrate the day in style. Rega have been a long-time collaborator and official turntable sponsor of Record Store Day, with their exclusive RSD turntables becoming a hugely popular over the years. This year has seen them pull out […]


Network Acoustics have followed their Eno ethernet filter and digital cables with a new reference range, Muon. Featuring the company’s latest filtering technology Muon goes even further than Eno to remove unwanted electrical noise that is otherwise transmitted into audio systems via Ethernet, USB and other digital connections.  Muon represents the culmination and realisation of […]