Onkyo Corporation is today expanding e-onkyo music – Japan's leading hi-res music download service. Now, users in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany will be able to access hundreds of thousands of 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 192kHz hi-res tracks and millions of CD-quality 16-bit FLAC, in the company’s music download store. With a rapidly growing catalogue, e-onkyo music (rebranded as store name “onkyo music” in US, UK and DE) aims to […]


At this year’s Bristol Sound & Vision Show, PMC will be unveiling the latest addition to the rather good twenty series loudspeaker range. Giving greater flexibility and wider appeal to any speaker system, this latest addition, nestled in the SS Great Britain 3 room, will give both music and movie lovers a true audiophile treat. […]


If you are after some bargain pre-loved kit, Tonbridge Audiojumble is the place to be this Sunday (8th February). If you want a turntable, amplifer, speakers or pretty much anything else audio, chances are you will find it here for a sensible price. The UK’s largest second-hand and vintage hi-fi event Audiojumble is chock full […]


In less than a month the audio industry will once more be descending on the Marriott hotel in Bristol in order to tempt enthusiasts with the latest audio visual goodies. Organisers Audio T have co-opted lossless streaming service Qobuz into offering a “free two week or two month trial” to everyone who buys their tickets […]


Rega is joining in the annual vinyl jamboree that is Record Store Day by releasing a limited edition RP1 turntable, arm and cartridge with RSD branding and a lush yellow mat. This version of the company’s entry level turntable will be limited to 500 and is available for £250 from 75 retailers in the UK […]


Nuforce the digital amplifier brand has been split into two and sold to two companies. Optoma the projector company has purchased the NuForce brand while NuPrime Audio has acquired the rights to NuForce’s high end product line. Optoma’s NuForce range will launch at the Bristol show and consists of two products at this stage, the […]


Aurender has long been at the forefront of computer audio innovation so it’s no surprise to see the Korean company coming up with an interesting new idea that could solve a lot of problems for streaming enthusiasts. The N100 is a network music server/player that caches any incoming data prior to sending it out from […]


Holland's finest DAC maker Metrum Acoustics has produced a range topping new digital to analogue converter called Pavane. This incorporates a proprietary converter chip and casework that’s designed to keep the electronics free from vibration. The Pavane has a double damped inner frame and heavy aluminum front and side panels that are intended to make […]


Cambridge is launching a slew of network audio components at CES this week. Most interesting to the sound quality fiend will be the Azur 851N, the first streamer in the company’s range topping Azur series. This has all the bells and whistles in a full size chassis with a 4.3inch display, something that means you […]


Unilet Sound & Vision and its sister company Custom Cable has announced the launch of Headroom Show., the new consumer audio show dedicated to the finest portable audio and digital streaming products available.  Held at the Metropolis recording studio complex in Chiswick, south west London, Headroom brings together over 35 premium audio brands, giving visitors the chance to […]


Having made its name with a range of very shiny, technologically advanced amplifier/streamers for the high end, Devialet is seeking to expand its market with a very unusual loudspeaker. Phantom is an active, wireless, two channel design that’s said to offer big speaker bandwidth in a compact, 12 litre cabinet. Incorporating the company’s ADH processing […]


Meridian recently announced a new ‘format’ that promises high resolution sound quality with sub CD bit rates, a system that could make it possible to stream 24/192 to a mobile device. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated and involves encoding at the mastering stage and decoding at playback in order to deliver the full effect. […]