Sony has re-joined the race for digital audio supremacy with a range of hi-res components in its much vaunted ES range. HAP-Z1ES (above, £1,999) is an HDD audio player with a 1TB internal drive and a USB socket to add extra capacity. It will play all the desired formats including DSD the codec Sony created […]

Elipson Lenny

Spherically inclined French loudspeaker specialist Elipson has signed a partnership agreement with British home furnishing store Habitat to produce a new product line dubbed Habitat & Elipson. The first fruits will be the Lenny (above) a foghorn shaped portable speaker with an eight hour battery life, it’s splash proof as one might hope and offers […]


Focal’s new Aria 900 range combines flax membranes, new TNF tweeters, minimalist style cabinets and “perfectly phase optimized” crossovers. The range is similar in breadth to that of the Chorus 800 V for stereo and home cinema, with one exception: the model 948, which marks a return to the original “generous” loudspeaker with two 21cm […]


Gavin Fish works at Light Harmonic in California where they build the $20,000 DaVinci DAC but he wants to spread the hi-res word rather further than products at that price allow. Gavin's Kickstarter campaign is launching Geek, a 32 bit / 384 kHz plus DSD128 DAC and headphone amplifier. Retail price is planned to be […]


The Aero range combines BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drivers with conventional cone drivers for an entirely new approach to affordable speaker design. Cambridge Audio’s experience with BMR drivers in the Minx speakers lead them to realize their potential in more traditional designs. According to Cambridge (and Naim for the matter) using a BMR driver instead […]


PS Audio will shortly launch a phono converter, or NPC, this has two separate and parallel signal path formats in one chassis with a single user interface.

The PS NPC combines an analogue RIAA phono preamplifier with a high resolution analogue to digital converter (ADC).  The unit is capable of simultaneously producing both a balanced analogue […]


New Zealand based Plinius Audio is introducing the Tiki network media player (£4,900) and Toko digital media player (£6,375) to the UK through its distributor RPD Distribution.With its ‘form follows function’ ethos, the feature set for Tiki has been kept very simple to focus all efforts on the sonic performance. Essentially a network capable digital to analogue converter, Tiki connects to a […]


Boulder has revised its range topping and long running 2000 series pre/power components with a new 2100 range. The 2110 preamplifier replaces the 2010 with a four chassis assembly of separate power supply and amplification units. It features full surface mount PCB construction and a microprocessor controlled standby function to reduce power consumption. It uses […]

hotel Suisse Majestic

The Swiss SONS & SENS (sounds & senses) show enters its third year with the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the best Swiss hi-fi manufacturers in an environment which appeals to all the senses.For SONS & SENS, founders Jean-Pascal Panchard and Pascale Rey have embraced an open less deterministic approach, which is suitable for […]

Clearaudio Performance DC black

Clearaudio’s latest turntable is the Performance DC which integrates a high-torque, “smooth and quiet” DC motor into the chassis.  The motor is similar to that used in Clearaudio’s Ovation and Innovation series turntables and provides “superb” speed stability and “very satisfying” ease-of use with start, stop and speed selection controlled by four buttons.A new 40mm […]

Timestep SME - Technics shadow

In case you thought you’d seen it all… Dartmouth’s Timestep are delighted to announce their precision tonearm-mounting to couple the SME M2-9R tonearm with the legendary Technics SL-1200 series turntables.  The SME M2-9R tonearm is a stunning example of a high fidelity classic brought up to date. The exceptional build and high standard of finish […]


Audio Technica’s open back AD range has been upgraded to X status with “superior, natural sound”. The large over ear capsules are built with honeycomb construction “making the whole experience feel perfectly natural – rather than enclosed and fatiguing, as with other headphone designs. “The AD-X models have fabric ear pads, lightweight honeycomb aluminium casing […]