British music lovers looking to upgrade their speakers  to PMC’s multi-award winning twenty series (during August, September and October), can now potentially do so for free if they are one of three lucky winners in PMC’s Golden Ticket promotion.A Golden Ticket will be handed to each person who purchases a twenty series loudspeaker from an […]

Chord DSX 1000 on WHT

Chord Electronics has added DSD 64 over Ethernet functionality to its DSX1000 network streamer (£7,500). Existing owners can get the upgrade for free via the internet, with a simple push-button menu option from the unit’s display screen. Chord has been working on the implementation of DSD playback in its product line and this latest update […]


McIntosh Laboratory has launched the MA5200a which it describes as a "highly flexible integrated amplifier, complete with three-input DAC, headphone amp plus a dedicated moving magnet phono input". The £4,995 MA5200 offers D/A decoding at up to 32-bit/192kHz plus a complement of analogue inputs. The three-strong digital input “suite” includes an assignable coaxial and optical […]


Peachtree Audio is unleashing its decco65 amplifier/DAC on the UK for an asking price of £849. The decco65 combines a class D digital amplifier and upsampling DAC with a valve buffer preamp. Built into a metal and wood cabinet with a rosewood or cherry finish it can also be supplied in almost any finish as […]


Marantz celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2013 and marks the occasion with two wireless systems from its Melody series. Both the £499 Melody Media (M-CR610) and £399 Melody Stream (M-CR510) offer “nearly unlimited” access to music sources. They will be available across Europe in either black or black/white from September onwards. The bigger Melody Media […]


Exposure has launched a new phono stage with plug in modules for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. Each being configurable to suit the cartridge being used, in the case of the MC board you can alter both sensitivity (gain) and loading, with the MM board the loading is set at the traditional 47kOhm but […]


It’s a CM Jim but not as we know it. Bowers & Wilkins has launched a range topper for its CM range. The CM10 has several distinguishing features that mark it as a step above the CM9, most obviously a tweeter mounted atop the cabinet in its own pod. And not just any tweeter either, […]


Geneva has been making the best looking one-box systems for the modern home for some time but previous models have been limited to FM, docking and discs. The Model S Wireless brings the brand up to date with DAB+ and the ability to stream from Bluetooth enabled devices like smart phones and tablets. The 23.5cm […]


Details have been circulating about Rega’s eagerly awaited uber turntable the Naiad. Produced to coincide with the company’s 40th anniversary Naiad will initially be limited to 40 serial numbered models to be sold by lottery today (July 1st). This despite the fact that thus far there are no photographs available of the finished article, because […]


Naim is revising all three of its Nait integrated amplifiers to coincide with its 40th anniversary. Nait 5i becomes 5si at £925, Nait XS gains a 2 for £1,595 and the Supernait does the same for £2,750.   NAIT 5si The power output has increased from 50W to 60W due to a larger transformer and […]


The waiting is finally over, ATC has launched not one but two new components both of which sport CD drives, the world surely moves in mysterious ways down near Stroud. The £2,153 CDA2 is a CD player, DAC and preamp in one full width case. It is controversial for both including the ability to play […]


Cyrus has added a fourth component to its Stream X range in the form of the £1,250 Stream Xa. This is a wired/wireless UPnP network streamer with internet radio and digital inputs, onboard DAC and an analogue line output. It’s based on the Stream X2 24/192 streamer but adds digital to analogue conversion to that […]