PMC fact signature now in walnut


PMC is introducing a sumptuous walnut veneer option to the finishes of the fact signature models, as a result of client feedback and in keeping with current interior design and furniture trends. The fact.8 and fact.12 signature models join the flagship fenestria, also produced in walnut.

In creating the fact signature series, PMC’s engineers employed the same meticulous attention to detail for crossover design as was done during the flagship fenestria design process. The result is to further improve the performance of the already outstanding fact.8 and fact.12 models. New crossovers, mounted on military-grade circuit boards, are populated with the same hand-selected components employed in the fenestria, with the positioning of each component carefully calculated to minimise unwanted interference. Audiophile grade switching, set into the aluminium back panel, permits subtle tailoring of the bass and treble response of the speakers to create the perfect sound balance in the listening room. Connections to the amplifier are via silver coated binding posts and it is possible to bi/tri-wire or bi/tri-amp the speakers.

The two-way fact.8 signature and three-way fact.12 signature retain the familiar features which have made them firm favourites. The SONOMEX™ dome treble unit is common across both models and the fact.12 utilises a hand-made 50mm dome midrange that incorporates design elements from the mid-range driver in fenestria, for the same sense of clean, airy and room-enveloping sound. Now with the walnut finish complementing the existing White Silk and Metallic Graphite, there is a fact speaker for (almost) all tastes. The fact signature speakers do not contain nuts.

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