PMC gets ‘Naked’ in Bristol


On Saturday 27th February, PMC will bring the studio experience alive to Sound & Vision, Bristol by introducing, producer and long term PMC user Mick O’Gorman, who will provide an insight into the production of Eleanor McEvoy’s latest album, Naked Music. As always the musical content, production values and sound quality of this album are outstanding. Mick will reveal how the digital and vinyl versions were created, unearthing the myths and secrets of the art of the vinyl mastering process. Providing the playback will be the substanstial PMC BB5 SE loudspeakers, Bryston BDP-2 digital player and the UK debut of the Bryston BDA-3 DAC. Vinyl will be played on a Vertere RG-1 record player.
For an opportunity to experience exactly how the album sounded at the point of creation, as well as the chance to win an exclusive signed copy of the vinyl, this is a demonstration that show goers will not want to miss.  Seats will be limited, so guests are advised to arrive early. Tom and Keith of PMC have promised to keep their clothes on…

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