PMC speakers boost Dolby Atmos London

Dolby Atmos by PMC

14 PMC monitors installed in Dolby Atmos studio

PMC studio monitors have been installed in the Dolby Atmos Music studio at the company’s Soho Square premises in London. The studio is designed as an educational space for music industry and recording professionals who want to learn more about Dolby Atmos. Under the guidance of Dolby’s engineers, recording artists, record labels, music producers and mixers can experiment with the technology in an ideal environment, and discover the creative possibilities of mixing music in Dolby Atmos.

As the catalogue of music in Dolby Atmos grew exponentially, Dolby saw the need to have a premium mixing studio to get people enthused and excited about the format. The studio is used purely for educational purposes to support artists interested in Dolby Atmos.

PMC CEO Jeff Willcocks says: “PMC has developed a range of professional monitoring products that are well suited to Dolby Atmos mix rooms because they offer almost limitless headroom, power capabilities, accuracy and sonic fidelity. Our monitors have now been installed in many high-profile facilities equipped with Dolby Atmos, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Dean Street Studios and Apple. We are delighted that our monitors have also been installed in Dolby’s facility in London.”

The studio has a 9.1.4 configuration. The left and right monitors are twin cabinet PMC8-2 XBDs with a single PMC82 acting as centre. Providing the LFE channels are two PMC8-2 active subs that offer ample low-frequency headroom. The surround channels are handled by the slimline Ci65s with heights by Ci30s, all of which a mounted behind fabric so that the experience is more about mixing into the space around the listener, rather than to specific speaker channels.

Since opening, Dolby has worked with artists and producers such as Brian Eno and William Orbit, both of whom finalised their first Dolby Atmos projects in the studio. Dolby has also worked with electronic artists such as George Fitzgerald, Etherwood and Gaudi.

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