PMC takes on MartinLogan


PMC have launched a dedicated distribution division with the announcement that it will be bringing the MartinLogan range to the UK. Known primarily for its electrostatic loudspeakers, the North American brand also makes a wide range of more conventional dynamic models as well as subs and a portfolio of speakers for the custom install market. PMC’s co-founder Peter Thomas has long been a fan of electrostatic loudspeakers because of their inherently low distortion, the fact that they do not compete with the transmission line designs that his company specialises in must also have its appeal. 


PMC Distribution already has electronics from Bryston and AVM in its portfolio so MartinLogan’s extensive loudspeaker range is a complimentary string on its bow. With its HQ in Mississauga, Canada and original plant in Lawrence, Kansas the company is part of the Paradigm group and employs 200 people in Canada alone. Its last UK distributor concentrated on the Masterpiece series of high end hybrid electrostatic models with passive and active bass systems. PMC Distribution will be leading with this range in the first instance, but the long term plan is to roll out the Motion range of box loudspeakers with planar tweeters that starts at £795 for the Motion 15 (below), three subwoofer ranges and the full gamut of in-wall, in-ceiling and garden speakers. The latter includes Dynamo subs that you bury in the ground for properly earth shaking bass.


For the sonically sensitive it’s the Masterpiece and Electromotion series that are most interesting, these promise the finesse of electrostatic midrange and treble with the power of dynamic bass. The prices for these models start at £3,495 for the Electromotion ESL and extend up to just under £80k for the appropriately named Neolith which is bigger than many doorways can accommodate. The models with active bass systems have DSP to tailor the low frequencies so that dips and peaks in the room response are largely ironed out.

A short demonstration of the Expression ELS 13A (£16,995) revealed that electrostatics are still king of the hill when it comes to sweet, open and clean sound with fabulous imaging even in a room full of hi-fi journos, I have to say I’m tempted to give them a go.


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